I’d like to tell some words about a very active and progressive member of the Hungarian musical life, whose name – Dr.Victor alias Dara Victor - is well known, esp. in the world of music (I met him more than 10 years ago.)

  Let’s start at the beginning...

  He was born in Krasnodar, Russia. He started his musical studies at the age of 6. He learned the piano for 11 years in the school of music. He graduated with a certificate of merit. This period of time layed the foundation of his knowledge of classical music.

  1986 – At the age of 11, in the 5th class of the primary school, he headed for high tech, as he got a ZX Spectrum 48K computer. He started to make contact with the possibilities of electronic music. Looking back to these times Spectrum was an elementary “musical instrument”. On the other hand this was the first computer of payable price. Later, as the technology was improving, he changed to more modern computers and instruments. Certainly this went the starting point.

  He started to dig himself into the electronic music on every possible level. Later it originated big succes.

  Some by –pass: I think, you know the concept of “Demoscene” or shortly “scene”. This is about the different productions of creative progammers, graphic artists and music composers. And by all means this is the collective name of the creative communtity.
  Till the year of 1993 inclusive, he took part on numerous festivals, organised on this kind of “Demoscene”. These events resulted in succes (many times winner, other times place winner) – in team and individually. He was member of some high ranking , internationally accepted bands. In those days he composed music day and night. (When not ?) Perhaps many people remember this period of time with very good feelings all around the world.

  After the year of 1993 he changed to more professional settings. In these days he turned to sampler based composing with a lot of idea. At this time was born the first complete instrumental album, this belongs to his significant masterpieces. (He never wanted to publish this album ... (!?)

  He was invited by many performers to compose their whole album, but he is going straight on his way....

  To this time he processed a meaningful quantity of composed music and had a big routine in composing. Day by day he progressed musically, technically and from the viewpoint of conception.

  Beaside all these since 1988 he’s been playing in bands on keyboards and as composer. They won several musical contests with these various bands.
   In recent past he got numerous invitations. Among others he was the member and composer of the popular Hungarian pop-group, called DRAFT.
  He worked with such internationally well known names as the cantatrice Miklosa Erika, and the Sharod artist – Istvan Jeszenszky.

  Also he has worked on completely different fields: He composed music to documents, to Hungarian and international promotions. Also composer for computer and mobile phone games.
  As a matter of curiosity we can mention that he was the musical director of the laser-shows in Lasertheather upon a great number of occasions. Beside these he took part in the creation of meditation albums.
  Recently he is working on some pices of music. One of these is a “monstre” album, which reflect his musical taste.

  From technical point of view he correctly chose those instruments, which serve the best creativity and instrumental knowledge.
  He managed to create his own studio, where professional recording and editing possibilities are found. He mixes these possibilities with the most remote looking themes and solvings with good artistry – I mean the sound of samplers, virtual modelling synths and the old folk instruments, percussions.
  Many times he concenctrates these into very coloured, fully-fledged (but not commerce) settings – usually suprising the listener.
  Many times in his works return his maximalism (which shows no mercy), the dark tone of wavering musical details, the bitter-sweet illusion of broken complexity which has domination over the layers above harmony.

  Maybe he is one of the gurus of the Hunarian electronic music. He could save the emotional world, the mood and creativity of the electronic music of the 80’s. Expressing gratitude to this era, he could create a unique musical world, which is insticted with endless technical and mental freedom of the new millenium.